CEDGC is an invitational event for the best player’s of Central Europe. There are 3 stages of registration. Please read it all through before signing up!

Each registration phase starts and ends at 20:00 CET. Phase 2 started at 20:00, April 3rd.

Registered players list can be found here. It is updated every Thursday.

Full and official details about the spot distribution can be found here.

Phase 1 – March 12th to April 2nd

In the first phase, only the pre-invited players can sign up for the event. These are the best players in each division according to their PDGA rating – they are shown below in bold. However, the substitute players can sign up as well, but they will be on the waiting list until the start of Phase 2 – these players are shown below in regular type. If you are on any of the lists and want to attend the event, make sure to sign up!

Only players that are in the spreadsheets below are able to register.

Phase 2 – April 3rd to April 16th

Each country association can nominate up to 6 players of their choice (3x MPO, 1x FPO, 1x MJ18, 1x FJ18). These spots will be distributed at the end of Phase 2.

After the Phase 2 ends, all players on the waiting list will be sorted by their current rating and spots will be distributed according to that.

All players from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia are eligible to register.

Phase 3 – April 17th to August 20th

Redistribution in case of cancellations etc. Wild cards may be distributed.

Phase 4 – from August 21st

Only wild cards may be distributed.

Wild cards

The organizer has the right to distribute 5 wildcards. Players from these countries can apply for a wild card: Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Makedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Greece, Albania

Apply for a wild card here.


1Jonas Neulinger76356950AT
2Florian Lingenhel77589950AT
3Marko Cacala90203947SK
4Leon Sonnleitner81120946AT
5Jakub Dostál78064938CZ
6Daniel Wilging90273927AT
7Svit Savnik83880927SI
8Šimon Galia77483913CZ
9Alexander Horvath80953904AT
10Martin Štípek99760902CZ
11Petr Striegler89634889CZ
12Fritz Holzner88196888AT


1Weronika Zieminska89377813PL
2Lea Schadenhofer101036795AT
3Ana Gorički99333794HR
4Natália Nádaská107508787SK


1Katka Bodová61990915SK
2Katharina Gusenbauer64253915AT
3Eva Králová69385895CZ
4Eliška Bártková86224868CZ
5Sonja Palmetshofer74013855AT
6Birgit Lingenhel70932853AT
7Irmgard Derschmidt47424852AT
8Danica Pajtak62432851HR
9Laura Posch116926840AT
10Soňa Švecová70837839SK
11Jarmila Havirova62762831CZ
12Veronika Tóth88828830HU


1Bohdan Bílek80134987CZ
2Lukas Filandr37150985CZ
3Laurenz Schaurhofer77497984AT
4Michal Kúdela68577982SK
5Matěj Vojtík64867977CZ
6Jakub Knápek68237974CZ
7Michael Rádl80009973CZ
8Erich Altoray8580971HU
9Lukas Froschauer64252970AT
9Bonaventura Amann87791970AT
11Dani Hatvani31400966HU
11Krystof Novak55426966CZ
13Harald Neumayr47426965AT
14Jakub Kudrna77879965CZ
15Jakub Semerád91925965CZ
16Otfried Derschmidt34710964AT
17Jakob Gusenbauer64254964AT
18Jiří Brožek92705964CZ
19Robin Binder67693963AT
20Stanislaus Amann87790963AT
21Bálint Kazai53822957HU
22Róbert Furka63347956HU
23Jesse Hawkins56639955AT
24Szymon Wacior64071955PL
25Robin Kanok77762953CZ
26Mario Mesarić81111953HR
27Jakub Zdráhal73215953CZ
28Premysl Novak49791953CZ
29Filip Tomeczek80349953PL
30Jonas Neulinger76356950AT
31Florian Lingenhel77589950AT
32Tomas Redlich70639949CZ
33Karol Hrubják91519948SK
34Radek Dostál78063947CZ
35Richard Kollar61991947SK
36Marko Cacala90203947SK
37Leon Sonnleitner81120946AT
38František Filip113417946CZ
39Štefan Pócoš95437945SK
40Roland Wieland104911944AT
41Michael Waidhofer82011944AT
42Tomislav Gorički69640944HR