Central European Disc Golf Championship 2019 is over

Disc golf at its best. No words can describe this weekend’s tournament better. The level of play the top players have shown is beyond grasp to the regular disc golf enthusiast.

You can see the full PDGA results here.

Full Metrix statistics and hole by hole scores are here.

Let’s dig into it, though.

Thanks to the full disc golf metrix statistics we can analyze what made some players stand out and play outstanding rounds and what was the main trouble for others.

The Svinec course itself

The current layout of our temporary gem – DiscGolfPark Svinec – where the CEDGC 2019 was held is one of the very few courses where the par fours and par fives actually play much harder than par threes. The hardest hole on the course was hole 17, averaging 1.4 points over par with only 2 birdies on the hole during the whole tournament – two of those being from the very promising MJ18 division. Hole 11 was the second hardest averaging at 1.2 points over par with a total of 8 birdies and one eagle.

The easiest hole on the other hand was hole one with only one double bogey and 29 birdies throughout the tournament. Hole 1, 7 and 18 were the only holes which averaged under par during the whole event.

The story of Weronika Ziemińska

The first ever Central European Champion in the FJ18 division from Poland clearly pushed the division to a whole new level. She is on top of the Green hit statistics (with the only two green hits of all 8 young ladies), she is also in the lead with her Outside circle putt percentage and with 61% Inside circle putts she ended up second behind Lea Schadenhofer who scored 66% of her ICP putts.

All in all, Weronika clearly won her title thanks to her solid performance of the tee. Her drives were both longer and more accurate than other girls’ and she also managed to putt very well. She won by 21 strokes.

Slovakian rocket – Marko Čačala

This youngster left the other MJ18 players well behind him mainly because of his incredibly long and also accurate drives. He is on top of the Bull’s eye hit percentage with 8%, on top of the Green hit percentage with 37%. What is very surprising, though, is his poor short game – only making 54% of his Inside circle putts!

That last number sounds very bad, but on the more positive side – imagine what he could do if he held his head together on the putting green. This guy could have ended up tied for 7th in the MPO when he only made a little more than a half of his putts! Sounds promising? We think so.

Another Slovakian player who must be mentioned here is the youngest player of the whole tournament – Tomáš Mozola. He is eligible to play MJ12 and he was the top putter of the whole MJ18 division with 81% succesful putts Inside the circle. He is also tied for 6th of the whole tournament in this very same statistic.

Eva Bínová – the putting machine

This nickname was given to her by an Estonian commentator during this year’s World Team Disc Golf Championship. And this weekend she showed us why. She scored 83% of her Inside circle putts, which is 23% better than the second FPO player Katka Boďová. That means she would be tied for 4th place in the whole tournament in the Inside circle putting stat. She also manage to stay out of OB and any penalties whatsoever during the whole tournament.

All in all, she made the Czech disc golf community proud thanks to her great performance on Championship Sunday, playing the final 9 holes 5 strokes better than the second player.

Stanislaus Amann – the man in the shirt

Austria has the first ever Central European Champion and his name is Stanislaus Amann. Looking into the Metrix stats, he does not stand out in any. He ended up 9th in the Bull’s eye hit with 5%, 4th in the Green hit ranking with 43%, he did not make a single Outside the circle putt and scored 83% of his Inside circle putts (4th place). He also did not have any OB or penalty whatsoever.

What does that mean? Stanislaus Amann played just played his game, kept to his plan and did not make any unnecessary mistakes even when the wind picked up. You don’t have to be best at any aspect on the game to win a Championship event by a margin of three strokes. You just need to be well prepared, make good decisions and know what parts of your game you cant count on.

This year’s Central European Disc Golf Championship is over and we cannot wait for the next one. Please thank and remember all the volunteers and organizers once again for a great job.

And see you soon!

BTW don’t forget to check out the beautiful photo galleries from this year’s CEDGC.

Opening ceremony photos

1st day photos

2nd day photos

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